Point of sale app: Accounting & Management

PalmaBox Horeca is the automation system for cafés,
restaurants, shops or street-foods.

PalmaBox Horeca is cloud based software to automate your food and trading business

Keep sale records in all workplaces, manage your establishment chains,
control your business from anywhere in the world

PalmaBox Horeca solution package includes mobile terminalan, admin panel, Boss applications, eMenu and BonusMe

Mobile terminal

Tablet or phone workplace for your waiter, bartender, cashier,
deliveryman to manage orders

  • Serve your customers in the point of sale, upon delivery or open-air market
  • Make your maintenance 3-4 times faster
  • Solve error problems, bill and cash register scams
  • Transfer reports to the head-office automatically

More orders, less clients complaints, quick interaction with the administration panel.
What is this? Read more!

Administration panel

This is a virtual environment for reports and analytics, a workplace for an accountant, merchant, marketing manager, director

  • Expenses, revenues, business profit
  • Tax schedule & amount
  • Most profitable products and menu items
  • How discounts affect your income
  • How well your employees work

You don’t have time to read detailed reports?
Discover Boss, the mobile application specially designed for managers!

PalmaBox Horeca – keep your sales on track

Quick sales control on your phone
Get 7 reports per 7 seconds anywhere in the world mobile network.

  • Revenue, cash, items sold “here and now”
  • Get brief reports anytime in just one click
  • Go on holidays, trips & control your staff

No access to a laptop, tablet or Wi-Fi?
Use the Boss mobile application!

Experiencing low sales?
Get food to your customers quicker with eMENU

eMenu – replace your paper menu with tablet-based menu services

Input your dishes and beverages in eMenu and improve your service by tabletop ordering!

  • Forget about expensive design & printing
  • Speed ordering up 2-4 times
  • Raise the average check up to 40%

Waiters accept eMenu inquiries on mobile terminal
and send them immediately to the kitchen.

Boost your business and attract more visitors!

What if your client wants to order by phone?

BonusMe – Pre-order & loyalty app for clients

  • Save money on advertising and printed cards
  • Stay in touch with loyal customers
  • ag your place on the city map
  • Offer bonuses to attract more clients

Clients will find your place themselves by using BonusMe app to
pre-order or to request home delivery

PalmaBox Horeca gives full control over your point of sale. No extra charges for equipment and software!

Saves money

14 days FREE trial, -50% for annual prepayment (from 6$/month) and up to 50% on equipment. No expensive hardware and personal server.


Keep your data on the cloud server with provider guarantees. Only you and your trustees can get access to business information.


Always with you – on the tablet, phone, laptop. Import data in Excel, connect toYodopay and UDSGame Loyalty Program


It takes just 5 minutes to install to install and sign up, 10 minutes to pre-study, 1 day to fully automate your sales process.

We have above 10000 users from more than 10 countries (USA, Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, India, Thailand etc.).

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